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At A Wider Circle, we say yes. We don’t have income or residency restrictions, nor do we ask for any proof of need. When a neighbor turns to us for help, we listen, we collaborate, and we work together to find solutions to their daily challenges.

We believe that yes is what’s needed to create change for our neighbors. We say yes because all of our neighbors deserve to be supported on their journey out of poverty.

Your gift this season makes saying yes possible. It ensures that job seekers are able to select a suit for their next job interview, making that important first impression a positive one. It ensures that children have a cozy bed in which to rest after a busy day at school. It ensures that we are investing in community-led innovations. Most importantly, your gift ensures that our neighbors have a path to growth and change, and that they do not have to walk that path alone.

If you share our vision for a region where all of our neighbors have the resources needed to thrive, please say yes today by making a gift to A Wider Circle.

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